Harness the Magic & Mystery of the Moon & your Menstrual Cycle for Manifesting, Empowerment & Self Love

Do you want more for your life, feel like there is something missing or no matter what you do, it’s never enough?

Maybe you’re exhausted, running on empty, wondering how much more energy you can give to your dreams.

I’d like you to try something. Close your eyes, place your hand on your heart and let your mind wander. What do you want in your life? What lights you up? What brings you joy? What would it feel like to live in the flow, where good things come easily?

Are you ready to step into the power and magic of the moon and learn how to manifest your wildest dreams?

Would you like to unlock the wisdom of your menstrual cycle as a guide to self-care and empowerment?

In this 4 week course I will show you how to honour your mind, body and soul in just a few powerful minutes a day, so you can manifest more of what you love, more magic, more abundance through a deeper connection with the Luna phases, your cycle and the cycles of nature.

As part of the course you get lifetime access, you can repeat at anytime and will also get to connect with other like minded souls in the Magical Moon Sisterhood Facebook group. 

Take control and reclaim your intrinsic feminine power. We are cyclical beings, craving connection, balance and ancient wisdom. Unlock the mysteries and magic of the moon, for an empowered, beautiful life and start to manifest the life you deserve. 

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!!

    • Course Contents & Introduction

    • Welcome to the Luna Wisdom Magical Course

    • Moon Phase Calendars & Diary

  • 2

    Grounding Chakra Meditation

    • Grounding Chakra Meditation

  • 3

    Cycle Charting & Self Care

    • Luna Cycles Charting

    • Luna Cycle Charting

    • Luna Phase Charting

    • Self Care Ideas for Each Moon Phase

    • Moon Chart

    • Introduction to Menstrual Cycle Charting

    • Menstrual Cycle Chart

    • Shining Womb Meditation

  • 4

    Week One

    • Luna Terminology

    • Week One Workbook - Manifesting with the New Moon

    • New Moon Manifesting & Forgiveness Meditation

    • New Moon Manifesting & Goal Setting

    • New Moon Ritual

    • Sage Smudging

  • 5

    Week Two

    • Week Two Workbook - Manifesting with the Waxing Moon

    • New & Waxing Moon Energy for Business & Career

  • 6

    Week Three - Manifesting with the Full Moon

    • Week Three Workbook - The Full Moon, Forgiveness, Gratitude & Manifesting

    • Full Moon!

    • Full Moon Releasing Ritual

    • Full Moon Gratitude Meditation

    • Full Moon Energy for Business & Career

  • 7

    Week Four

    • Week Four - Waning Moon & Banishing Rituals

    • Waning Moon

    • Waning & Dark Moon for Business & Career

    • Dark Moon, Self Care and Emotions during the Luna Phases

  • 8


    • Congratulations!

  • 9

    BONUS!!! New Moon Manifesting - Vision Board Online Workshop

    • Workshop

    • Vision Boards & Luna Phases

  • 10

    Magical Bonuses!

    • Luna Crystals

    • Luna Flower Remedies

    • Essential Oils for the Luna Phases

    • Luna Goddesses

    • Gardening by the Moon

    • Astrological Influences

    • Animal Moon Magic

Magical Bonuses!

  • Self Care Practices

    Learn how to use essential oils, flower remedies and crystals to support your wellbeing and deepen your connection to the moon!

  • Spiritual Practices

    Learn how to connect with your cycle a

  • Facebook Community

    Connect with Soul Sisters in our Magical Moon Sisterhood. With loads of free additional material, facebook lives and videos.


  • Does the course have an expiry date?

    There's no expiry, you'll have access to the material for life!

  • I've never done this type of thing before, does it matter?

    Not at all, the course has been created so that everyone can enjoy the magic of working with the moon. The more you work through the course each moon cycle, the more you'll learn!

  • When does the course start?

    You can start at any time! We work with the moon cycles, so there's never a start or an end date. You can repeat the materials and join in with the live events each cycle if you wish.

  • Does it matter if I miss a week or two?

    Not at all, the course is cyclic, so if you need time away for any reason, you can join us again when you're able!

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Course Instructor

Hayley Merrick

Luna Rose Academy Founder

Hayley Merrick

Hello! I’m Hayley, the Womb Wise Woman. Weaving two decades of clinical and natural health expertise, to transform you from hormonal mess, to hormone happiness! Empowering you to release overwhelm, manage stress and balance your hormones in a way that nourishes your mind, body and soul. I'm a natural healer, holistic therapist, skincare creator, aromatherapy alchemist & moon lover! ☾